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Polar Salmon Hjerting Laks A/S
H.E. Bluhmes Vej 18
DK-6700 Esbjerg, Denmark.
Tel.: +45 75 12 46 77



Monica Jensen
Key Account Assistant

Charlotte Hassing Hansen
Key Account Assistant
Arvid Mouridsen
Area Sales Manager

Alan Christiansen


Purchasing and production

Henrik Herter


Morten Nissen




Management and administration

Christoph Kjærgaard

Frank Christiansen
Quality Manager

Kim Pilegaard Bungo Hansen
Finance Manager

Jørn Pedersen
Accounting Assistant

Helge Lorenzen
Accounting Assistant

Your key supplier of smoked, chilled and frozen fish products

Polar Salmon Hjerting Laks A/S was established in 2016 following the merger between Hjerting Laks and
Polar Salmon, thus bringing together the very best attributes of two well-established quality brands.
It forms part of the Polar Seafood Group.
Polar Salmon Hjerting Laks is a strong supplier of smoked, chilled and frozen products.

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Polar Salmon Hjerting Laks A/S
H. E. Bluhmes Vej 18
DK-6700 Esbjerg
Tel: +45 75 12 46 77

Polar Salmon Hjerting Laks A/S

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